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We're back in studio. What's happening this term.

Studio location classes.

Finally we have an actual date for being back in the studio for hands-on classes. This means lots of things, but primarily it means that we can see our friends again, have lots of fun, make the sort of mess that we can’t make at home and even go big with our work. All things that we haven’t been able to do for over a year and a half. So from Thursday September 23rd Doodle Box will be back in Rua Red with two classes after school and two on Saturdays too. One each day for Doodle Bugs and Doodle Buddies.

Other locations have yet to confirm when we can return, but hopefully we will be back in Scoil Áine, Clondalkin and Maynooth Community Space very soon.

Online classes.

Additionally, because the online classes were so successful and suited many people we will be continuing them, with two on Wednesdays after school, again one each for Doodle Bugs and Doodle Buddies. And one early on Saturday morning, at 10am, perfect for keeping your little artists busy while you get ready for the weekend, or it will give you a bit more time to yourself to enjoy your breakfast without interruption.

Plan for the term.

This term, which runs until Christmas, will see us use lots of different materials, there will be themed projects for Halloween and Christmas, and plenty of opportunities for the children to use their imagination through drawing, making and mixed media. Classes in person will have a printing project and a pottery project, which will be glaze fired in a kiln. Online classes will also do a printing project too. So many good things to look forward to.

Culture Night will be happening in Ireland on Friday 17th September. As this is before term starts we won’t be doing anything in class, but watch this space for information on what I will be getting up to, you might even be able to come along and see me in action. I can give you a clue… involves mud and fire!

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